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PEAK Overview is a 1 hour on-demand course specifically designed for those assisting with running PEAK.  RBTs, paraprofessionals, and parents will gain essential insights into the hows of running PEAK. Earn 1 BACB CEU upon completion.

Join us to unlock the potential of PEAK in just one hour.

Link to a free preview of the course:

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A completely self-paced training delivered entirely by Dr. Mark R. Dixon, the author of PEAK.  

PEAK Level 1 is available in English and Mandarin.

This 12-hour and BACB CEU available training provides an engaging journey through  the scientific underpinnings of PEAK, showcases the research on PEAK, explains the entire assessment process, details the assessment-to-treatment process, and finally walks through multiple examples of how to run PEAK treatment programs.   

Many video demonstrations, commentaries on balancing PEAK & other ABA care, integration in schools or home/clinic based programs, getting staff buy in, and how to start using this amazing assessment and intervention system right now.

Mountain Range


Delivered entirely by Dr. Mark R. Dixon, the author of PEAK.  

PEAK Level 2 expectations designed to ensure you have the ability to correctly run the PEAK assessments, and also the repertoire necessary to design and implement the PEAK treatment protocols.

A person who competes this CEU offering will also be competent in PEAK evaluation and intervention, have the ability to speak articulately about the program to stakeholders, know how to write goals and objectives for medical or educational necessity, and craft effective individualized interventions for every unique learner across all 4 PEAK modules.


August 26, 2024 Naperville, Illinois

October 14, 2024 Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 27, 2025 Tampa, Florida

*AIM Level 2 will be the day after each of the above PEAK L 2 dates in the same location

Sandy Beach

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Mark R. Dixon in our on-demand AIM Training. Gain valuable insights into ACT, mindfulness, and AIM intervention delivery in a dynamic digital environment. This self-paced 12-hour course, eligible for BACB CEUs, covers AIM's scientific foundations, assessment process, and treatment implementation through real-world examples. Elevate your practice and become a catalyst for positive change.

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Immerse yourself in a live training experience with AIM Level 2, personally led by Dr. Mark R. Dixon, the esteemed author of PEAK. Elevate your expertise as you delve into AIM assessment and treatment protocols, gaining the skills to articulate program benefits to stakeholders. Learn the art of crafting effective goals and individualized interventions tailored to each learner. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your practice. Enroll today and unlock your full potential with AIM Level 2.

This course is eligible for BACB CEUs.

August 27, 2024 Naperville, Illinois

October 15, 2024 Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 28, 2025 Tampa, Florida

*PEAK Level 2 will be the day before each of the above AIM dates in the same location

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In this class you will see and hear from Dr. Mark Dixon as he describe the history, research and implementation of the Life Skills Emergence System. This course is an excellent way to learn how you can assist others learn a new skill or continue expanding an existing skill. As one of the most popular courses we offer, this course is self paced to fit all types of schedules.

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The Canvas certification training is delivered by Canvas author and artist, Natasha Bouchillon, MS, BCBA. This 4 hour and BACB CEU available training provides a comprehensive package to equip behavior analysts, teachers, therapists, and caregivers with a foundational knowledge of Canvas and its scientific underpinnings. This training will provide all professionals and caregivers with an appropriate level of understanding to implement and adapt the Canvas curriculum to their unique needs.

Adult Education Course


Courses offered individually or combine them to become a master.

Student Writing

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone. Interested in enrolling or learning more about this course? Get in touch today, one of our team members will answer all your questions.

Audience and Lecturer


Our interactive single and multi-day trainings will leave you inspired and ready to implement!

Unable to attend a public training? We can bring a training to your organization!  

Workshops with our training staff are being scheduled throughout this calendar year. 

If you are interested in scheduling a private training workshop or consultation for your school or agency, contact

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