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Borderless Resources

As the works of our authors and trainers spread around the world, we are striving to meet the needs of translations, remote trainings, live trainings, and culturally adapted materials. The science and the practice is boundless and we are constently striving to bring our products to the world!

Earth Projection

Updates on Global Involvement

After years of planning and pilot research, we are excited to announce that we are bringing a 2024 New Edition of the PEAK Relational Training System and the PEAK Comprehensive Assessment to China!! Practitioners, educators, and caregivers in China can expect:

  • A single re-designed administration manual that reviews the PEAK literature, provides a rationale for using direct training, generalization and derived relational responding as teaching approaches, and integrates all four modules' instructions together in a single text.  

  • A single re-designed curriculum manual that incorporates all four prior PEAK learning modules.

  • A systematically culturally adapted and tailored assessment and curriculum

  • Global first content that is informed by the 70+ published research since the original PEAK module in 2014

  • Digital access to content (preview starting Fall 2023) and printed copies (2024)

  • Live on-site trainings offered in Mandarin and English (with translator) by the experts who created and do research on PEAK

  • And so much more...


Exclusive digital content available today!

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International Research

The evolution of science requires us to keep challenging the status quo. If you are interested in supporting our international research initiatives, contributing your data, becoming a partner site, etc., reach out to us and we will be in touch. 


We highly advise anyone interested in PEAK, AIM or LIFE to contact us directly for resources.  We do custom translations all the time.

DO NOT TO ENROLL in trainings and DO NOT PURCHASE materials from any other resources.  Such goods and services are violations of international copyright laws, and we are certain that such providers are not qualified to deliver our work to you.  

If you are aware of such violations, please contact us.  Together we will help eliminate poor trainings, illegal sales, and the negative effects that such can have for clients.

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